Plague and Locusts 2020. November: Eija Temisevä.

“I perform myself in many of my videos. Pictures tell more than my words about my video work.” Eija Temisevä.

I am a Finnish sculptor who started to make videos 2013 after teaching sculpture for 26 years. I am a self educated video artist. Now I get a little pension and live a modest  life nearly in the countryside in southern Finland. I love Nature and small observations around me. I am interested also in psychological and existential themes.

Corona time has not had a big influence on my life and work because I have lived rather isolated life at my home and in the nearby  Nature. In Finland corona situation has not been so bad but of course the atmosphere and the bad situations in many countries have had influences on me, too. I think that my situation as at home alone working artist makes my life different than lives of those who have regular jobs or families.

Rock-paper-scissors, 2018. Still from video. ©Eija Temisevä

I hope that Art and especially art in internet has given joy and comfort to people. And I hope that Lockdown time will finally change the world better: more caring of each other and nature instead of financial growth and effectivity.  We have to change our attitude to our environment. Now we have time for that.

HSP – Highly Sensitive Person, 2018. Still from video. ©Eija Temisevä

My video And suddenly-all changes is a small experimental and symbolic video with the change of atmosphere in the world. I sit at the table of my kitchen reading newspaper. Suddenly the images turn odd with only outlines or blurry visions. Only the sounds in the kitchen can be heard.

Ephepereye was born in 2017. Ephemereye [ephemerˈaɪ] is a constantly updating video art gallery where artists can showcase their work in the natural frame of computer screen, and connect with others via Ephemereye Social. Where professional and aspiring, critics, venues, and collectors alike can engage in the contemporary discourse, and enjoy video-art-related news from around the globe. 

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