Plague and Locusts 2020. July. Featured Artist: Henry Woods

 © Henry Woods. Courtesy of the artist

© Henry Woods. Courtesy of the artist

Based in London, Henry Woods has found a deep interest in Video Art within the past year. She is a graduate of Ravensbourne university where she was studying Digital Film Production.

Echoes of Difficult Conversations During Lockdown, 2020. © Henry Woods.

In her artist statement Woods explains her underlying sentiment: “‘Echoes of Difficult Conversations During Lockdown’ is an art film exploring my own relationships with others. Lockdown has forced me to take a step back and see what my relationships with people look like from afar. With a combination of recordings of reenacted conversations and videos of me socialising with friends and family. We all crave intimacy with others despite how painful they can be and I think that’s what it means to be human.”
Formalistically, Woods’ work belongs to the strain of post-internet contemporary art. Where web-related esthetic leads the image, and which by definition is digital. In the time of the pandemic, where the isolation is norm, the internet however, turns into a doubly powerful force, as it becomes our main way of communication. Forced into isolation, reflective thoughts and interpersonal communication become a major part of our lives even for those who are not predisposed. It keeps being an artifice for artists, an artistic device that whether or not you like it, remains a dominant channel.

Before entering Ephemereye Plague and Locusts 2020, Henry Woods was showing at the ‘MicroActs 6’ festival in March.

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