Featured Artist: David Delgado

I am David Delgado, a visual artist working mostly in paintings but not exclusively. Although my education is been in graphic and product design, my practice has been focused on contemporary arts since the first moment. Even more, I remember having this aim since primary school time. Very into abstract art with a clear tendency to Dada as a result of my skepticism, even more, my nihilism. Paying more importance to the visual impression, rather than ideology or narrative. I try to do art that scapes linguistics, that can hardly be textualized.

In the last years, I have been progressively more involved in video art. This is for some reasons. This last year with this very special circumstance has definitely pushed me to work more digitally. Not being able to leave home is a great reason. But the main reason is been the influence of one of my brothers, who is very committed to Video art as an artist and also as a curator. Together we launched two years ago a Video art festival in our hometown, Alicante.

We both believe Video art should be, and surely will be, the proper Visual Art by definition. It will be like paintings were in the Renaissance. Perhaps the only difference is Video art can’t be treated as a commodity. This was perhaps one of the most important aims of the Avant-gardes and contemporary art (and the most important fails) It doesn’t mean it is impossible to convert your Art into money. It exists some Video art Fairs. And also there are other ways to monetize the Art practice. In my opinion, society should create more and new ways to allow artists to find a reward for their work beyond grants, even beyond money (but it would be very society-challenging). Undoubtedly it will happen (my only concern is if it will be in a way that is not twisted or requiring new skills from the artists)from the artists).

In this pandemic time, we experienced a big change in society and especially in our personal lives.
And this emotionally affected us. That makes us digest it intellectually very hard. I don’t think this pandemic has made any particular change in our society’s philosophy or values. Perhaps reinforced some. But in the end, in my opinion, our personal experiences are linked to our feelings and we will remember it just as a hard time we had to pass.
I don’t believe we took the lesson that the foundations of our society aren’t that solid. And we can’t give it all for granted. I believe we should all learn to be very flexible. I as an artist am accustomed to jump from an underpaid job to another. Alternating precarious and less precarious times. And always not knowing about what the future will bring. Maybe it connects with the natural state of the first humans. But I don’t want to make a romantic reading of it. We have developed a very complex society that provides certain prosperity and security. Now, this society needs to learn to be able to adapt to changes as quickly as it create them.

Ephepereye was born in 2017. Ephemereye [ephemerˈaɪ] is a constantly updating video art gallery where artists can showcase their work in the natural frame of computer screen, and connect with others via Ephemereye Social. Where professional and aspiring, critics, venues, and collectors alike can engage in the contemporary discourse, and enjoy video-art-related news from around the globe. 

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