Coffee Stories – Live Show: Call for Artists

Whether you have something in your portfolio you want to submit, or you feel inspired and want to create something new. Time limit is 5 minutes. Unlimited free submission.

and send links to your work on vimeo or youtube, artist statement, and your CV/Resume to

Announced before the pandemic Coffee Stories is meant to be a live exhibition. And it will!

Although we have artists’ submission during the hardest covid times, the life on the planet has changed so drastically, that we decided to extend the call to October 31, 2021. It will be our first live show after the lockdown.
Keeping up with our promise of propagating video art, and finding as many new venues as we are able, we have partnered with Moschetti Coffee for our next show. It will be opened in Moschetti Café in downtown Vallejo, CA. Dates: to be announced.
The theme is Coffee Stories. Of course, It can be interpreted in anyway. We have been thinking about coffee and our daily routines, small rituals of making and having coffee; now more often within the family or in solitude than with friends. We thought of the warm cosy feeling, the sense of comfort, the contemplative moods, or stimulating conversations that accompany coffee breaks, or early mornings. Historical and social narratives that that are woven around coffee, and the shear richness of testes, colors and textures that can inspire all the senses.
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